Which Headlights Shine Best: Halogen, HID or LED? | Angie’s List

While old-school halogen still rules the road, LED headlights are becoming more popular.

Drivers may soon notice brighter and whiter headlights on the road as the popularity of traditional halogen headlights continues to dim.

Halogen still ranks highest as the most common headlight on the market, but several alternatives, including xenon-based and light-emitting diode (LED) headlights, are growing in popularity. Here’s how the options compare in terms of performance, safety and price.

Headlight versus headlight

According to Motor Trend, you’ll notice several important differences in light produced by LEDs, xenon and halogen headlights. LEDs have the coolest color temperature at around 6,000 Kelvin, which makes them appear whiter than daylight. Xenon headlights come in at around 4,500 K, while halogens round out the list at a yellowish 3,200 K.

When it comes to reflection, LEDs offer better light return from road signs, while xenon lamps better illuminate the sides of the road. In part, this is because xenon lamps typically produce more light, measured in lumens, than LEDs.

Both LEDs and xenon provide a large pattern of light on the road, whereas halogens offer a small pool of yellow light directly in front of the vehicle. If you’re buying a new car, expect LED headlights to be the premium option, and make sure your auto repair shop is equipped to handle LED headlight replacements and repairs.

If you’re looking for intense light and don’t mind the glare, xenon may be the best choice. LEDs, meanwhile, offer great light, low power and long life, but often come with a bigger price tag.

Halogen headlights

Halogen lights are the most popular lights on the market and are found in most consumer cars. These bulbs are similar to familiar incandescent lights and use heated tungsten filaments to produce light. Halogen headlights produce a significant amount of heat, and even small deposits of skin moisture on the bulb during replacement can affect their performance.

The main benefits of halogen bulbs include low replacement costs and longevity.

Xenon headlights

Xenon lights, also known as high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, produce a brighter light than halogen bulbs and with far less heat. The blue-white light emitted by xenon bulbs is so bright, it has been known to “blind” other drivers.

These headlights require a large amount of power at the outset to produce their first burst of light, but once fully operational, they require much less energy to maintain constant brightness.

Xenon bulbs have a long lifespan and emit little heat, but they cost more than halogen bulbs.

LED headlights

LEDs are the most recent innovation in headlight technology. Instead of gas and filaments, LEDs rely on small diodes that produce light when electric current excites their electrons. They need an low amount of power to work but do produce a significant amount of heat on the diode. This requires heat control systems at the bottom of the headlight and near other car components. If this system fails, not just the light, but other electronics could be affected.

The small size of LEDs means they can be formed into almost any shape, and their light is naturally directional rather than diffuse, making them an excellent choice for headlights.

Editor’s note: This is an updated version on an article originally posted on Nov. 20, 2013.

Source: Which Headlights Shine Best: Halogen, HID or LED? | Angie’s List

Installing a Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit Router in my 10yr old network


Linksys AC1900  Reviews were ; 1/2 liked it 1/2 didn’t, on Amazon.. lets find out


Gigabit.. and Dual Band.. when I started out I needed to replace our home router and WI-fi extender  We have two separate buildings to supply with internet and streaming tv and game content. The terms that I ran into was dual band and Gigabit.. I saw this router at Sams Club and was not sure if I could replace my old system with a dual band gigabit router or not…?

The system we have is an old Netopia Wireless router, we also have rj45 Cat6 cable connecting the extender to the router, and also a cable connecting a backup server, a refurb Dell with Ubuntu.

So during my research I discovered that Gigabit means the speed at which your home network will run, the extender, an backup server and the in-house network will work at Gigabit speed . 10x100mbps  = 1000mbps  . and the rj45 cat5e and cat6 will carry the data at speeds of 1000mbps.  Hopefully no more lag and loading .. we’ll see

Dual Band was the other incompatibility issue I had a concern over.. but it will work with the old system fine. Dual Band refers to the channels at which the signal is sent and received.. each device either has a A or B  WI-fi band A is the most common 802.11a 2.4 Ghz ..   All of my devices will hook up to it.    Comments were made about the 802.11b 5.0 GHz  as being more uncongested because of its lack of popularity.. but another commenter said that the dual bands were to be used in conjunction to relieve the pressure of high traffic.

Electric Bike Conversion


Looking for a bike to put a motor on.. either a gas or electric kit and keep it peddling also. I’m six foot tall and have a bad knee that doesn’t bend all the way so I need a bike with a “Peddle Forward” design, that allows for longer legs and not so much height that it makes it hard to touch. The “Barrel” 630 has 6″ forward peddle placement, making it a good candidate for this project.

The chain in use on modern bicycles has a 1/2” pitch, which is ANSI standard #40



I really like the electric options , especially when I visit http://www.enorm-ebike.com/ and look at the awesome bikes they’re building..   Most of the Enorm bikes run on 48v NiCads with the capabilities of running on a 24v when in power saver mode. Read their website for all the details.. Excellent Bike..

electric bike

ENorm Electric Bike


The best kit I have found for the money is at http://www.kingsmotorbikes.com

the Kit runs between 249.00 and 299.00 if you can catch it on sale.. Free Shipping is available most of the time.

Currie Electric Bike Conversion Kit

This kit is cheapest compared to most because of the type of battery it uses.  The batteries in this unit are sealed lead batteries , they cost around 20.00 a piece if you look around on Amazon and Ebay.. You need 2 of them and they last a year or two.. maybe more.. the charge lasts on the bike for weeks, I ride a couple of miles a week.. The Case for the batteries has to be split open and the wires removed from one set of batteries and hooked to the new set. When you charge the batteries.. REMEMBER THIS  when you charge . Dont plug the charger into the wall until you have it securely plugged to the battery pack first..  then plug it in.. when removing the charger, unplug from the wall first..

I can and will ruin your batteries.