Electric Bike Conversion


Looking for a bike to put a motor on.. either a gas or electric kit and keep it peddling also. I’m six foot tall and have a bad knee that doesn’t bend all the way so I need a bike with a “Peddle Forward” design, that allows for longer legs and not so much height that it makes it hard to touch. The “Barrel” 630 has 6″ forward peddle placement, making it a good candidate for this project.

The chain in use on modern bicycles has a 1/2” pitch, which is ANSI standard #40



I really like the electric options , especially when I visit http://www.enorm-ebike.com/ and look at the awesome bikes they’re building..   Most of the Enorm bikes run on 48v NiCads with the capabilities of running on a 24v when in power saver mode. Read their website for all the details.. Excellent Bike..

electric bike

ENorm Electric Bike


The best kit I have found for the money is at http://www.kingsmotorbikes.com

the Kit runs between 249.00 and 299.00 if you can catch it on sale.. Free Shipping is available most of the time.

Currie Electric Bike Conversion Kit

This kit is cheapest compared to most because of the type of battery it uses.  The batteries in this unit are sealed lead batteries , they cost around 20.00 a piece if you look around on Amazon and Ebay.. You need 2 of them and they last a year or two.. maybe more.. the charge lasts on the bike for weeks, I ride a couple of miles a week.. The Case for the batteries has to be split open and the wires removed from one set of batteries and hooked to the new set. When you charge the batteries.. REMEMBER THIS  when you charge . Dont plug the charger into the wall until you have it securely plugged to the battery pack first..  then plug it in.. when removing the charger, unplug from the wall first..

I can and will ruin your batteries.