Installing a Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit Router in my 10yr old network


Linksys AC1900  Reviews were ; 1/2 liked it 1/2 didn’t, on Amazon.. lets find out


Gigabit.. and Dual Band.. when I started out I needed to replace our home router and WI-fi extender  We have two separate buildings to supply with internet and streaming tv and game content. The terms that I ran into was dual band and Gigabit.. I saw this router at Sams Club and was not sure if I could replace my old system with a dual band gigabit router or not…?

The system we have is an old Netopia Wireless router, we also have rj45 Cat6 cable connecting the extender to the router, and also a cable connecting a backup server, a refurb Dell with Ubuntu.

So during my research I discovered that Gigabit means the speed at which your home network will run, the extender, an backup server and the in-house network will work at Gigabit speed . 10x100mbps  = 1000mbps  . and the rj45 cat5e and cat6 will carry the data at speeds of 1000mbps.  Hopefully no more lag and loading .. we’ll see

Dual Band was the other incompatibility issue I had a concern over.. but it will work with the old system fine. Dual Band refers to the channels at which the signal is sent and received.. each device either has a A or B  WI-fi band A is the most common 802.11a 2.4 Ghz ..   All of my devices will hook up to it.    Comments were made about the 802.11b 5.0 GHz  as being more uncongested because of its lack of popularity.. but another commenter said that the dual bands were to be used in conjunction to relieve the pressure of high traffic.